Curious puppy.

Bringing puppy home

  • Food and Water Bowls - Stainless steel food and water bowls are durable and do not rust, break or chip. Puppies that are teething will chew anything in sight, which can be a problem when using plastic. Stainless steel is also more sanitary then plastic. You can opt for ceramic dish, which is sanitary, but not so durable like the stainless steel.
  • Brush and Comb - Grooming your puppy every day teaches him to like being handled by people. The best time to do this is when the puppy is sleepy, as he will enjoy your gentle touch. As there are lots of varieties to choose from, we recommend a "slicker brush" as we have a great experience with this type. 
  • Collar, Harness and Leash - A collar or harness and leash are essential to take your new puppy for walks, and most cities have laws requiring your dog to be leashed. Make sure the collar is snug enough not to slip over the puppy's head. Put an identification tag on the collar with the dog name, phone number or address in case the puppy get lost. Harness is a better option for small and tiny dogs. We feel that step in harness is the best option for any puppy.
  • Puppy toys - Rubber toys are almost indestructible and may last years. Choose a smaller size for young puppies (helpful during teething), and a larger size for large puppies. Your puppy can be left to play with these toys unsupervised only if they can't be swallowed. Make sure it is a safe toy! Squeaky toys and balls can be used when you are teaching the puppy new obedience commands. They could be easily chewed into pieces, be sure to watch your pet when playing with these types of products. 


  1. Get a good quality toys. If you choose a "rope toy", please make sure that it is made from natural fibres and doesn't contains any synthetic materials which if swallowed could cause a problem.
  2. There are lots of varieties of reflective leashes and collars which are great for visibility in the dark or on rainy days.