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Local puppies

Local puppiesLocal puppiesLocal puppies
Girl with Yorkie puppy

About Us


Who are we

For over 16 years we have been finding good homes for our puppies. We have wonderful group of local breeders from across British Columbia originated in Lower Mainland, that breed both, pure and designer cross breed puppies. Having allergies in our family we know the importance of truly hypoallergenic or a non shedding dog. We make sure our breeders maintain great bloodlines to ensure the best possible health and temperament for both, their dogs and the puppies. This way the puppies can bond early with families and get used to their new home quickly.



Dogs are  making families complete. As much as we agree with the principals of adopting a pet from shelters and rescue organizations, not everyone wants or can adopt. Many people would like to have a puppy from a breeder and raise him from young age with a knowledge about his background. If you are looking to adopt an older dog, there are a number of great local adoption centres. Adopting an older pet in need is a wonderful thing. You can call one of the local rescue organization or a community shelter and see if you are a good candidate for adopting or fostering a rescue dog. 


What to expect

Our puppies are in home environments and are receiving great love and care. They are very social and well on their way to being toilet trained. The puppies come with current shots, dewormed and vet checked. With every puppy you receive a starter pack containing full bag of their puppy food (we are feeding Royal Canin dry kibble puppy food), some good quality pee pads, chew toys for teething, plush toy for cuddling and a brush.